Monday, July 25, 2011

Pledge to Eliminate Political Office Holding as a Career

I want to start a grassroots effort to have any candidate either agree to and sign or disagree and not sign the following Pledge;

  • I will initiate or in the least support any effort to impose strict term limits for any national, elected office.
  • I will initiate or in the least support severe reform to the laws governing campaign finance;
    • Only Registered Voters can contribute Only to campaigns.
    • Political parties, as not-for-profit entities, may collect contributed funds as needed to sustain minimal obligations, but again, only from Registered Voters.
    • Political Parties may NOT spend donated funds on any advertisements used in specific candidates campaigns.
    • Contributions to Candidates or Parties will be immediately disclosed and the information will be easily accessible to the Press and Public.
    • No "war-chest" donations may pass from one candidate to another.
  • I will initiate or in the least support efforts to repeal laws concerning the life long pay and health benefits provided to retired members of Congress.
I believe that these reforms will work to remove those who hunger only for political power from the political mix.  Removing the lifelong access to power and ending the influence of money and lobbyists is the first step to regaining the confidence of the citizens we are sworn to represent.

I truly care more about the well being of my Country than I do for retaining office merely to accumulate personal power.  When my term limits approach, I will happily return to the community I represent and resume my duties in the workforce.

This pledge addresses the real issues at the core of nearly all our political problems in this great Country today.  The elimination of political office holding as a career will be at the top of my agenda if elected to the national office I currently seek.

*Me Again!...Print this out, copy and paste it into email, then send it to every congressional and senatorial candidate.  Make these rich pricks choose, to actually serve our best interests or to keep on with business as usual.  I'd love to see them take this seriously and sign, but I would just as soon see them decline and use this as a tool to point out those who impede our progress.


  1. The main goal is to take away whatever it is that attracts these spineless pricks to aspire to hold political office.

    Strict term limits, so they can't make a career out of power-mongering. And campaign finance reform, only registered voters can donate to campaigns.

    No more corporate contributions, no more back alley deals with lobbyists, no more life long pensions as reward for winning an election or worse yet for being appointed to an office.

    No more lies, no more bullshit!

  2. If any entity outside of a campaign runs any advertisement that advocates one candidate over another, they have to donate an equal amount of money to each of the other candidates to eliminate any advantage of sneaky money affecting an election.

    No ads funded by outside sources allowed within 7 days of an election. We're sick of "gotcha" ads that run last minute trying to use fear to sway voters.