Monday, July 18, 2011

Back in Business!

I finished working on a business plan for an advertising/marketing service I found accidentally (like there really is such a thing as an accident, right) a few weeks ago.

The founders of the company ( were in Times Square in New York City and were struck by where people's eye's were.  If you've ever been there, Times Square is the ultimate example of advertising overload. Everything is big, loud, bright and shiny.  But these guys noticed that the place most people were focused on was the tiny 2 inch screen of their own cell phone.  From this experience, they decided to find a way to capitalize on this untapped (at that time) marketing opportunity.

(If you click any of the iZigg links in this article, you will be taken to an informational site with details and statistics, the size and growth of the mobile market is amazing.)

The concept centers around making SMS text marketing affordable for small businesses, groups, and organizations.  Simply, for a monthly subscription fee a client can own the rights to a unique keyword that their customers, clients, or members can text to 90210 to receive text message coupons, special deals, enter drawings or contests, receive notice of events, really the possibilities are endless.

Within the past few weeks, part of the deal includes a mobile web optimized site that the client can build with a few clicks, with pictures and descriptions.  This is a very nice, free addition to the service.

Now, I'm working up a list of prospective clients to share the concept with.  While I know it's not common, from the first time I worked at a job with sales duties, I always tried to see selling more as "helping" someone find what they need.  I've always tried to imagine that my customer was my Mom.

I have also always had a strong interest in Economics and what measures a local, small business can take to overcome the prevailing circumstances.  This malaise we've been stuck in for a few years now is the closest thing to a full scale depression we've ever seen.

Small businesses need better resources to retain and attract loyal customers.  After reviewing the services offered by iZigg, I truly think they are on to something that will revolutionize how businesses engage their customers in conversation.

You can even use the built-in features of the service to pick and notify randomly drawn raffle or drawing winners.  Also, the lists of subscribers belongs to the business, they can save and download it at any time and use it in future marketing efforts.

If your business, organization, or group does any of the following you should seriously consider subscribing to the services that iZigg has to offer;

  • Events to announce
  • New products or services to share with existing clients
  • Do you want an easier way to notify clients of upcoming appointments?
  • Musicians gig schedules or CD releases
  • Real estate pictures of a new listing
Truly, the possibilities are endless.  All the business needs to do is promote the keyword, grow the list of subscribers, then start talking to them via text message.  In all the early markets, this grew exponentially on a scale that puts the term "viral" to shame.

If you want a small sample of the simplest of what iZigg has to offer, text "brianmerrill" to 90210.  You will receive what they call an mCard.  Essentially, this is a paperless business card.  It has links to my individual iZigg page, my Facebook page, email, and phone number.  Information on levels of service and pricing are available here, if you have any questions, please text my name to 90210 and use the information on my mCard to contact me.

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