Occupy Your World

I'm still trying to decide whether the lack of coherent agenda by the "Occupy" movement is pure genius or purely folly.

The "99% vs. 1%" is truly nice work.  This concept points to much deeper, core issues that have created the income disparity the static refers to.  I can only hope that the Occupy movement isn't hijacked by various "causes" and their associated agendas.  I am encouraged that (so far, at least) the focus is on the financial system and the inherent unfairness.  This provides a rare opportunity to educate a generation who previously glazed over when any topics relating to economics or the business cycle were addressed.

Many of us have known, for nearly all of our adult lives, that the 1913 creation of the Federal Reserve was in truth, the creation of what would soon become the means through which a nearly invisible group of bankers and other rich pricks would build an Evil Empire.

Much like a real world game of Monopoly, the odds were originally tilted in favor of the banks by the rules imposed upon the game.  Instituting a Debt Based Monetary System was the beginning of the end of any chance for a level playing field.  If you want an excellent depiction of how the Federal Reserve and our current Monetary System work, watch this video.

In fewer than 100 years, the Federal Reserve has enabled the 1% richest to accumulate over 40% of the money supply, leaving the remaining 60% for the rest of us, the 99% who actually worked to produce or service what generated these funds to begin with.

Many have been misled to believe that we have gotten here because "The Fed" was incompetent.  And sadly, the Chairman and Governors of the Fed would prefer that you see them as incompetent, than reveal that we are where we are supposed to be (according to their wishes).  Our Monetary System, has taken us to this place by design, it is not through "bad timing", over action, or inaction that we have arrived at this milestone in this instance of Monopoly.  It is a way point.

Follow the Zeitgeist Movement (producers of the video link above).  They hope to facilitate an alternative economic system based upon principles of environmental sustainability, fair distribution of resources to all people of the world, and to replace competing interests with a cooperative mentality.  We're way beyond the point where any internal efforts for "reform" will achieve fairness or alleviate hunger, poverty, or war.  We need a peaceful revolution and a new beginning.  I believe their concepts will work to re-build this world into one we can be proud to live in.