Monday, June 13, 2011



I’m sorry, but I really don’t think that we, as “individuals” have a list of past lives we have experienced.

I think people who think this way are not far removed from genealogy snobs.  “Look where I’ve come from”, “my ancestors came over on the HMS Whogivesafuck”...

That version of reincarnation appeals to the ego in the worst possible way.  Spiritual dabblers will pay some con to hypnotize them for the purposes of past life regression.  Under the guise of finding out what karmic debt they have to repay, but isn’t it really about having some bragging rights.  “I was Joan of Arc”, blah blah blah.

I believe that there is one substance, one soul.  What we see as an individual, is not the true nature of the spirit that inhabits the physical being that stands before us.  

We develop an ego at an early age as a survival reaction to what is overwhelming.  We instinctively know at an early age that language is such a limiting mode of communication but a skill that is sadly required.  “The map (descriptive words) is not the territory" (accurate portrayal of reality).

Autism...impairment or evolutionary development?

Is it possible that the growing rate of people recognized or labeled as “autistic” on the rise is actually evolution?  Isn’t that a notion to ponder?
Is it the next attention deficit disorder?  Are we over-diagnosing/labeling people as a way to make excuses for their behavior?  Are they really impaired?  Are they undergoing some form of evolutionary change?

Maybe we're beginning to see selective evolution to counter the human tendency to develop and fight so hard to maintain an EGO.  What a HUGE waste of energy.

Eastern philosophies seek to meditate, contemplate, and inquire the ego into extinction.  Christians like Watchman Nee sought to be transparent, to disappear into Christ or to let Him shine through them.

Our senses serve to protect us from chaos, which I believe is the true nature of the world.  Or maybe it's better to say, the limitations of our sentences protect us.  We are only able to perceive a small fraction of what exists, to see or hear or feel the full spectrum would overwhelm us.

Some describe what the Autistic human goes through as being overwhelmed.  It appears to many that their senses are full on.  I've heard them described as being overly aware of sensory input, with a diminished ability to focus their attention or especially to shut out any part of moment to moment experience.

I don't know, just speculating.

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