Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Letter of Resignation

It's pretty sad that I have to ask Amber to confirm whether I'm getting paid for Memorial Day, as it initially appeared when she verified the hours I turned in on Monday.  Sadder still that you tell her we are not, yet none of you have the courage to say anything about it.  "Surprise, here's your check...oops, sorry for the misunderstanding".

So, what happened was this...I turned in my hours for the past two weeks first thing Monday morning.  Within 10 minutes, I receive a confirmation of the daily, weekly, and bi-weekly totals, which INCLUDED Holiday Pay for Memorial Day.  I guess when the mechanic turned in his hours he did not mention the holiday so she did NOT include it in his hours.  These were turned in to the payroll/accounting manager who questioned her, basically asking, "do they both get it or neither?"

Obviously, since I've published this, the answer was NO.  But neither the boss or the owner notified me of the changed.  But at least I saved the email with ALL the hours for the pay period acknowledged.

Screwing the people who are trying to get you out of your self created mess won't win you any points for entrepreneur of the year.  Obviously, $60 or so doesn't mean much to you, but for me it's a 1/2 of my phone bill, a weeks worth of food, or two weeks of gasoline.

You dove into this feet first, trusted one of the most untrustworthy people you know with hundreds of thousands of dollars, were there nearly every day watching it all happen, but now it's on us.  I'm amazed that you don't know that you just don't fuck with the people who are trying to fix your stupid fucking mess.

WHY oh WHY does God or the universe or whatever entrust stupid motherfuckers extra money to squander, while others (like me for example) work hard for shitty pay to help them (more often than not) make even more money?

If you would listen to ANY advice I've offered in the past, I'd accept this no holiday pay until we're making a profit concept.  But you DON'T listen, your ego is too big to ever entertain the thought that this is a bad idea and it's time to do something different.  And on the odd occasion that you try to claim someone else's suggestion as your own, you really don't seem to get it, but can't admit that it wasn't your idea to begin with so it ends up poorly implemented at best or just fucked up, as is typical of your "style".

I've had success in the past working for sensible owners and managers in the past, but your tendency to micromanage is soul crushing.  The fact that you have zero tolerance for any advice offered that contradicts your "plan" and then try to distance yourself from responsibility for your results is sad.  

Equally sad is that it appears that the only thing that you will tolerate is total agreement with der fuhrer.  Good luck with that because you're running out of Cullums, and everyone else figures you out pretty quickly.

Finally, if you don't give a shit about anyone but yourself, I'll be damned if I'm going to work for you or give even the tiniest shit about you and this humongous, stupid mess that you and you alone have created.


(the bold, purple text above is post script, added after the fact to explain from a contextual point of view, what's up)

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