Saturday, October 29, 2011

Response to an article at "The Nation".

The real "message" to this movement not being directed at elected officials, is because we all know that they are part of the problem and they've been unwilling to take action to significantly change themselves.

They are all bought and paid for and have made themselves irrelevant.  So why would we bother talking to them?

While both sides of the aisle fan the flames of hot topic issues (as distractions to what's truly wrong with our system) they sneak winks across at each other when someone "stirs the pot" well enough to get some constituent letters and email moving.

Both "parties" want us to focus on picking sides based upon bullshit, contrived issues.  Nearly all of these "issues" that define the parties and divide our people serve as a magnet of our attention.  Which both parties prefer to us actually realizing that these are symptoms of what's really wrong.

No concern for sustainability, nobody taking responsibility to leave a better or at least unharmed world to our children, a debt based economic and monetary system that are inherently flawed, BY DESIGN.

That the SYSTEM is functioning as intended, that we are not where we are by mistake, we are here because this is our inevitable destination.

Disparity of wealth, soul crushing debt on personal and international levels used as leverage by those who believe the debt is owed to.  Truly worthless, fiat currencies, faith based paper that only has value as long as we all believe it has value.

Our labor and our planets natural resources are the only things that have true value in this world.  Paper money is not worth the ink and paper it's written on.  The Fed prints it faster than Charmin and Cottonelle can produce toilet paper.  And it's a lot less comfortable to wipe your dirty ass with.

Build a bonfire of worthless dollar bills in front of the Federal Reserve or Treasury Department.  Show these bastards "we don't believe" anymore.  Your money is worthless, your monetary system has brought us here, your economic system is flawed.

We want a sustainable system that works equally for everyone.  Not some "reformed" version of what we already have.  This brand of economics and monetary system have failed the vast majority of people in favor of a few.  It's time to try something that is truly designed to work for all of us!

If we must have elected representatives, we want representatives who represent US, human citizens, not corporate entities.

Take the money and power out of politics.  Put an end to politics as a career for anyone.  But seriously, it's not like we have a transportation problem like we did in the 18th Century.  We really have outgrown this notion of a "representative republic".  We have the Internet now, we can directly participate based upon whatever form our new system takes on.

Vote next year to displace EVERY Nationally elected official.  In 2014, do it again.  Keep doing this in every congressional, senatorial election, and presidential election until these corrupt, complicit rich Pricks realize that we hold them in no more regard than they have held us.

By never re-electing ANYONE to National office, we could send a clear message regarding who works for whom. (not sure if that's good English, but I tried!)

I don't think it would take long for the message to get across if we all took on a no re-elected officials EVER policy and voted in huge numbers accordingly.

Primaries would actually be interesting again.  I think it's one hell of an ideal.  "Re-elect NOBODY, EVER!"  Somebody print the bumper stickers, I'll pass 'em out.

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